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REN ROBOTS at Franchise Expo 2022

At our booth, visitors will first be greeted by the guiding robot – an intelligent and tour-guide robot that can escort visitors around a designated venue and bring them to their seats. The Robot sports a cute appearance with double-sided HD display screens for ad placement, designed to attract visitors and maximize the effectiveness of advertising.

The Delivery Robot series are built from the ground up to transform the food service industry and are designed to be assistants capable of helping staff to serve food and pick up used dishes and cups. They are equipped with state-of-the-art AI technologies including SLAM automatic positioning and navigation technology, which allows them to easily navigate the complex working environments of restaurants, hotels and other commercial venues, driving a more efficient customer service experience.

The Hotel Robot is geared toward hotels that aim to automate and streamline room and item delivery service. Operating with unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and safety, when ordered by just a phone call from the customers, the robot can automatically ride an elevator and deliver amenities or foods to them, providing prompt, around-the-clock and more private hotel services.