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Ren robots Showcases on Franchise Expo Vancouver 2022

Ren Robots offers leading-edge robotics solutions that help people adapt to accommodating a new way of living and working during the ongoing pandemic.

Hotel Robot - W3      

Hotel Robot W3 is aimed at redefining the guest experience regarding safety and efficiency. The W3 can autonomously take the elevator to deliver customer-ordered items to rooms, offering the most reliable and contactless room delivery service. Guests can simply order items over the phone from their room, and once the robot arrives at their door, guests will receive a call that it is waiting outside with the stuff they ordered.

Restaurant Robots - T1, T5, and T6

The use of Restaurant Robots T1, T5, and T6 as restaurant assistants enables a viable solution for contactless service. They can be seen as waiters who help humans in serving food and picking up dirty dishes. KEENON's T1, T5, and T6 Restaurant Robots are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of food delivery services across various scenarios in restaurants, hotels, factories and other commercial environments.