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What is the role of the increasingly popular food delivery robot?

Food delivery robots, gimmick or trend?

With the development of the catering industry, the gradually increasing penetration rate of robots into the catering industry, especially the popularity of food delivery robots, ushered in a technological update for the food delivery industry. What has changed from facing difficulties in recruiting people to using robots to deliver food?

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According to public data, from January to April 2021, there were 15 financing activities for service robots, accounting for 22% of the total financing activities in the robotics industry. In September this year, Keenon Robotics completed a $200 million Series D financing, the largest single financing in the field of commercial service robots in China, which is sufficient to show that the rise of the service robot market is accelerating.

The catering industry, as the service robot market with the largest scale and the most demand, is sought after by the service robot industry, and food delivery robots swarmed to the catering industry. Meanwhile, with the rise of the concept of local life, the problem of labor shortage in the catering industry has become more prominent, leading to the great idea of liberating the catering labor force with food delivery robots.

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For food delivery robots, the most important thing is safety. With the development of laser radar and depth vision, food delivery robots can walk flexibly in complex scenes to ensure safety in the process of moving. Meanwhile, the efficiency of robots has been significantly improved compared with service personnel. Robots do not suffer from fatigue or other human factors, and can maintain the capability to work consistently and efficiently. Especially in the Internet celebrity economy, popularity has become another customer acquisition indicator of the catering industry. The introduction of food delivery robots can directly improve the restaurant's highlight, greatly enhance the restaurant's sense of science and technology, help the restaurant to win customers, and strengthen the publicity advantage.

Taking the food delivery robot industry leader, Keenon Robotics, as an example, Keenon Robotics develops exclusive Robotics catering solutions for catering customers, so that food delivery robots can help improve service efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create characteristic services for catering enterprises. Besides, apart from delivering dishes, food delivery robots can also perform services such as serving tea, delivering take-out food, and delivering goods, effectively improving service efficiency and quality.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has further strengthened the market's awareness of food delivery robots and the education on the industry, which is promoting the development of the industry, gradually making their presence a trend in the catering industry. At present, Keenon Robotics has become the partner of many well-known brands at home and abroad, including Haidilao, Banu Hotpot, Grandma's Home, Xin Bai Lu, Sichuan Xiangtianxia, Guangzhou Restaurant, and Spacelab Zero Gravity Restaurant, with a presence in over 500 cities across China and various overseas countries.

With the gradual increase of labor prices, the cost and advantages of food delivery robots are becoming prominent. We believe, with the efforts of enterprises of food delivery robots such as Keenon Robotics, the scenarios for their application will gradually improve in the future, and food delivery robots will also get considerable development in the catering industry.