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Unmanned delivery, the best choice for the catering industry in the post-epidemic era

Keenon robots have become the best solution for food delivery in the post-epidemic era.
In the post-epidemic era, how does the catering industry respond to higher requirements for epidemic prevention and hygiene?

In the post- epidemic era, hygiene requirements for the catering industry have been raised again, especially for food delivery services, which lead to direct contact with customers and must be implemented following strict quarantine requirements. Therefore, many catering enterprises are currently using food delivery robots instead of manual labor and delivering food with solutions featuring high efficiency and better compliance with the epidemic prevention standards.

As a global leader in food delivery robots, Keenon Robotics provides intelligent catering solutions to global catering enterprises. Keenon food delivery robots can improve service efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase service quality for the catering industry, achieving the goal of replacing labor with machines in delivery.

restaurant robot

Compared with traditional manual delivery, unmanned delivery can avoid direct contact between service personnel and customers, significantly reduce the transmission risk and transmission probability in food delivery, and has become a natural and effective way of epidemic prevention and control in the post-epidemic era.

Besides, Keenon robots can further enhance the quality of service in restaurants. Combined with Keenon's self-developed composite navigation and positioning technology, the robots can achieve accurate positioning, autonomous navigation, and global path planning in the complex environment of restaurants and accurately identify obstacles, realizing intelligent dynamic obstacle avoidance. With solid stability, they can reduce the error rate of food delivery in actual operation and provide customers with a better food delivery experience.

Keenon food delivery robots have been employed in various well-known domestic catering enterprises, helping them reduce costs and increase efficiency. Moreover, Keenon robots have the features of Internet celebrities. Apart from creating a clean and hygienic atmosphere, they can also attract customers, strengthen the restaurant's overall sense of science and technology, and cause the word-of-mouth marketing effect. At present, Keenon Robotics has cooperated with many restaurants, including Haidilao, Banu Hotpot, Grandma's Home, Xin Bai Lu, Sichuan Xiangtianxia, and Guangzhou Restaurant.

robot waiter

With our creative ability and perfect closed-loop services, Keenon Robotics has entered various overseas countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. In the global food delivery robot market, Keenon's shipments are steadily increasing.

The catering industry is currently the largest in using service robots and has the highest demand for them. Therefore, Keenon Robotics has always been deeply rooted in the catering industry. With the rise of the concept of local life, the needs of the catering industry will upgrade again, which also increases the requirements for the catering industry. In the future, we will strive to make progress in the product, technology, supply chain, and service, improve the stability and performance of the product, and constantly adapt the product to different scenarios of the catering industry.