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Through scientific epidemic prevention, disinfection robots help industries with smart disinfection

What are the benefits of contactless disinfection for epidemic prevention and control in the post-epidemic era?

As winter approaches, with the repeated occurrence of the epidemic and the severe mutation of the virus, the scope of transmission and the difficulty of detection have escalated again, and the prevention and control of the epidemic have once again drawn the public's attention. Disinfection and sterilization play an essential role in the prevention and management of the epidemic and serve as an effective means of epidemic prevention and control.

Conventionally, disinfection and sterilization are manually conducted by medical staff using disinfection spray. This approach fails to ensure efficiency and is difficult to protect the safety of medical staff fully. As the duration of epidemic prevention and control becomes longer, the experience in epidemic prevention has also gradually improved. Public places are paying more and more attention to scientific epidemic prevention, among which the Keenon disinfection robot is a robust measure of scientific epidemic prevention.

Disinfection Robots

The Keenon disinfection robot has passed the testing and certification of the CMA certification body. They can achieve air + surface disinfection and sterilization, meet the Disinfection Technical Specification, and have spray and ultraviolet disinfection modules. The spray module can emit ultra-dry mist particles with a size below ten μm. The mist spray is fine and uniform, leaving no dead corner in disinfection, and the killing rate of bacteria in the air is as high as 99.9%. Besides, the UV module meets the requirements of GB19258. The irradiance at 1 m distance is 200 µW/cm² (measured), providing a remarkable disinfection effect.

Equipped with a new 360-degree omnidirectional obstacle avoidance technology, Keenon disinfection robots can fully perceive indoor dynamic and suspended obstacles and achieve long-term stable operation. Functions like multi-robot collaboration and self-recharge capability also ensure operation efficiency, providing a complete sense of safety in the post-epidemic era. The unmanned disinfection method adopted by the disinfection robot can effectively avoid the transmission risk caused by human contact and ensure the safety of medical staff to a great extent.

keenon disinfection robots

In the post-epidemic era and in the early days of the outbreak, Keenon Robotics actively engaged in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic by sending several service robots to the worst-hit regions to ensure the safety of medical workers. To achieve the goal of scientific epidemic prevention, Keenon Robotics has established cooperation with the Third Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University, and other well-known hospitals in China, providing them with intelligent solutions of unmanned delivery and promoting the use and popularization of service robots in the medical industry.

At present, scientific epidemic prevention has become the primary mode. Keenon disinfection robots can greatly help various industries to relieve the pressure of disinfection and effectively ensure the safety of medical staff and service personnel. By optimizing the cost and methods of disinfection with technology, they provide significant assistance to disinfection in epidemic prevention and control.