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Why does the food delivery robot become a star of the Internet-famous restaurant?

Marketing cool tech of Internet-famous restaurants-food delivery robot

For the new-style catering business, popularity has become a core element in addition to the environment and taste. Especially in the we-media era, where popularity has become a trigger of heated discussions, as long as there is a topic of publicity, there is a chance to become an Internet-famous restaurant in a period.

To become a veritable Internet-famous restaurant, it is naturally necessary to distinguish itself from traditional restaurants, where differentiation is the key. Most young people nowadays rely on various Apps and software when choosing a restaurant. Therefore, all details in the picture can be a key factor in their choosing, and intelligence is one of the cool technologies for marketing.

delivery robots

As for intelligence, it is the essential element for an intelligent food delivery robot. Through food delivery robots, the overall scientific and technological atmosphere of the restaurant is strengthened, which becomes a highlight of publicity. This marketing method is more in line with the taste of young people, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing customer flow. In addition, compared with the traditional manual service, the service robot brings a better service experience for customers in the accuracy rate and service mode, causing the word-of-mouth advertising effect.

Keenon Robotics can provide intelligent catering solutions to global catering enterprises, improve service efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create service technology features. Equipped with autonomous positioning and navigation technology, Keenon food delivery robots can travel steadily and freely in the complex environment of restaurants for a long time. The excellent obstacle avoidance function enables the robot to perfectly avoid people and obstacles when traveling. Combined with the multi-robot cooperation function, the problem of scene adaption can be solved perfectly.

restaurant robots

In addition, Keenon Robotics also designed a more compact robot, flying fish, to deliver food for new fashion Chinese restaurants and casual dining restaurants with narrow aisles.

keenon delivery robot

The robot is flexible and functional, capable of moving through aisles as narrow as 50 cm, easily completing delivery tasks in narrow spaces. Besides, the Flying Fish robot supports multi-mode food pickup reminders, which clearly informs customers where to pick up their food through multi-mode interactions of lighting + voice + animation. Combined with the industry's first visual tray detection system, they can move to the next designated location with no need for any operation when the tray is taken away.

As of now, Keenon Robotics has more than 15,000 customers, with a presence in many countries and regions including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, providing global customers with a full range of solutions. With its own solid industry barriers and complete product matrix, Keenon strives to promote the intelligent transformation of the global catering industry at an early date, further improve the user experience, and thus help restaurants to obtain more customer flow and attention.