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Fully Autonomous Positioning And Navigation

Relying on a series of sensors such as LIDAR, machine vision, depth senor, etc., the robots can achieve the high-precision positioning and flexible movement even in complex environments.


Size500*500*1350 mm
Maximum speed0-0.8m/s
Network InterfaceWIFI
Spray parametersThe amount of mist is 0.5-1.5L/h, 
The spray particle size is less than 10µm
Battery CapacityDC 48V 15Ah
Number of trtrasonic atomization groups6 sets of trtra-dry mistatomization
Rated Power150W
Applicable disinfectantHydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, peracetic acid, etc.
Standby current<0.5A 
UV radiation intensity>200µW/cm² (Measure at 1m)
Battery life≈4h
Number of UV groupsfour short-wave UV-C lamp
Standby time≈24h
Product Weight60Kg
Life Span20000h